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Above: Ruben polishes his seven-foot Vermont Marble statue of Saint Peter, a commission for the Saint Peter Catholic Church in Douglas, Michigan. (Created in his Michigan Studio, the work took nine months to complete.)

Below: Ruben works with a colleague on an Indiana Limestone corinthian capital for the Cathedral Stonework Company in New York.

Trained by Master carvers, Llano's hand-crafted stone and wood carvings use materials which include clay, plaster, limestone, marble, sandstone and woods of cherry, mahogony, and limewood.

Master Carver Ruben Llano provides stone masonry consultation and labor, using cut-stone drawings, fabrication and installation. Llano can provide on-site inspection, consultation and labor, while using masterful architectural drawings.

Llano offers professional designs for historical, ecclesiastical, landscape, restoration, commercial and residential projects, from schematic design through construction and installation.

Experienced in classical wood and stone sculpture, Llano also practices the conservation techniques of cleaning, stabilizing, retooling, and replacement.

Ruben Llano

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